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Feiarte - International Handicraft Fair

One of the best and largest handcraft fairs in Brazil where national and international artisans sell their products to a public with high purchasing power that loves originality and quality.

Who visits the Feiarte?

The audiences of the events are more than 30 thousand visitors – mostly formed by customers of the economic classes A and B, above 25 years.
The organizers promote an intense disclosure campaign in specialized media generally, in addition to a special work by inviting leaders of opinion and attracting a growing audience of visitors.

Who exposes on Feiarte?

Each edition our trade fairs are composed by more than 200 national and international exhibitors, being considered a global meeting of art.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Feiarte?

Direct contact with the client.
Wide disclosure of the brand and products to media and the general public.
Immediate product’s feedback from public, identifying changings that are more suited to the taste of costumers.
Contact large numbers of people who would otherwise be out of reach.
Registration’s magnification of effective and potentials clients.
Concretize and maximize sales.
Identify a representative or a Business Partner.
Information on trends and market highlights.
Meet new ideas and solutions and gain knowledge.

Be an exhibitor on Feiarte
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International Handicraft Fair
Feria Internacional de Artesanía

World Handicraft Fair
Feria Mundial de Artesanía


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